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Marble early-Cycladic figurine

Marble early-Cycladic figurine, 2800-2300 BC (Archaeological Museum, Naxos)

From archaeological excavations in Naxos we find that the oldest finds date back to the Neolithic period around the 5th millennium BC. According to them, the protocycladic civilization was already developed at that time, which appears to have started in 5500 BC and reached its full bloom in 3000 BC. One of the first specimens of this civilization are the protocycladic figurines, which were carved on Naxian marble. The same material was used to carve solid vessels and utensils of exceptional artfulness.

Works from that period are on display at the Naxos Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, and, in a small amount, at the archaeological museum in Apeiranthos.

Kouros of Naxos
Kouros of Naxos

In the archaic period , Naxos emerges as on of the most famed and flourishing Aegean centrers. The Naxos Kouroi are the oldest ones to have been found in the Greek territory.

The renown of the Naxian marble is not limited in the region, but, as it is evident from archaeological finds, had spread around the whole area of Greece. Some of the characteristic examples are the Naxians’ Spinx in Delphoi (around 570 BC), the Naxos House in Delos and the two of the earliest Κores of the Acropolis (around 550 BC) that have been made of Naxian marble. Another Naxian votive offering in Delos were 16 lions in array according to the Egyptian standards (around 600 BC).

The Naxians’ Spinx in Delphoi

The Naxians’ Spinx in Delphoi,
(around 570 BC)

Κori of the Acropolis

Κori of the Acropolis
(around 550 BC)

16 lions, Dilos

16 lions (around 600 BC), Dilos.

Kouros, made of Naxian marble

Kouros, made of Naxian marble, 590-580 BC Metropolitan Museum, New York

Art works from Naxian marble have travelled throughout the world and many of them are kept in museums in Athens, Delphoi, Berlin, Copenhagen and New York. To this day artists continue to work with Naxian marble.

The people of “KARPONTINI BROS - NAXIAN MARBLES UNL” have shown especial sensitivity and have fostered by all available means the artistic creation based on Naxian Marble.

Our company constantly encourages artists, wishing to create a work of art based on Naxian Marble, by providing them with the material under preferential conditions. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of the artists who collaborate with us