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Éric Alcyon

This work is a game played between three different levels of time : past, present, future.

It mixes the past, the present and the future. The high piece of marble, as maybe the location in Naxos (Greece), is an evocation of the ancient high Greek culture. The shape is a modern and contemporary form of art work. The raw piece of marble is waiting for a possible new work on it in a suitable future.

In these ways this piece of marble reminds us of the past in our present and at the same time is standing there for a possible future artistic transformation. This work plays with the co-presence of the three different stratum of time: past, present, future.

For more information and works, you can visit his personal web site or his Facebook page.

Marbre – 2012 Marbre – 2012 Marbre – 2012 Marbre – 2012 Marbre – 2012 Marbre – 2012