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The Company

“Karpontini Bros - Naxian Marble Unl.” was founded in 1991. It is primarily involved in extracting and shipping blocks of raw marble. The company is situated in Kinidaros, Naxos with customers both in Greece and internationally.

Panoramic view of Kynidaros

Kynidaros, a chief quarrying village in Naxos

Nikos Karpontinis, the founder of our company, began working in marble quarries at 15 years of age. The years passed and while he worked in various quarries (Naxo, Dioniso, Penteli) he formulated his own dream of having a quarry in Naxos.

His vision became a reality in 1990, when he gathered his brothers, Manouso and Apostoli, and suggested they open their own company for extracting and trading raw marble.

Photo of Nikos Karpontinis on a truck

Nikos Karpontinis on loading truck, Naxos 1972

Photo of Apostolis and Manousos during the first cuts

Apostolis and Manousos during the first cuts, 1993

Modern marble quarries had been operating in Naxos for 40 years when “Karpontinis Bros - Naxian Marble Unl.” was founded, being the first company founded by locals.

The lack of funds for big investments was met with years of experience. Thanks to the hard work and persistence of the founders, and the good quality ore of the quarry, the company steadily advanced.

Panoramic quarry picture

In 2005, Giannis Karpontinis, the son of Nikos Karpontinis, took over running the company. The company’s mechanical equipment was fully upgraded.

In 2019 and 2020, with help from new investments, the equipment upgraded again. The company now has advanced technology in the field of marble extracting and - most importantly - a team of experienced workers.

With the passing of time, our company has created strong bonds with our customers.

We want to respect the quarry and it’s workers. We know the marble is a finite resource. and so, we seek a rational exploitation. Our mission is to provide a steady supply of resources to our selected customers and satisfy their needs without abusing the mountain and its workers.

Moreover, the goal of this organization is to uplift Naxos Crystallina as a raw resource with it’s unique properties not only as a household item, but also as a medium for the completion of marble sculptures. To this end, and in cooperation with “Cycladia SCE”, we have organized the “Naxian Marble Sculpting Symposium” since 2018. Here you can find more information about the marble sculpting and our partners for this project.

Panoramic quarry picture