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The Company

The company “KARPONTINI BROS - NAXIAN MARBLES UNLIMITED” was founded in 1991 and is primarily involved in extracting and trading blocks of marbles as raw material. The company is based in Kynidaros, Naxos and supplies clients all over Greece and abroad.

Panoramic view of Kynidaros

Kynidaros, a chief quarrying village in Naxos

Nikos Karpontinis is the company’s founder. He initially started working in a marble quarry at the age of 15. Over the years and through continuous work in several quarries (in Naxos, Dionysos and Penteli) the vision of a privately owned quarry in Naxos came to ripe within him.

In 1990 he invites his brothers Manousos and Apostolis to suggest founding their own Naxian marble quarrying and trading company. The vision becomes a reality.

Photo of Nikos Karpontinis on a truck

Nikos Karpontinis on loading truck, Naxos 1972

Photo of Apostolis and Manousos during the first cuts

Apostolis and Manousos during the first cuts, 1993

“KARPONTINI BROS - NAXIAN MARBLES UNL.” is the first marble quarrying and trading company, founded by local proprietors after 40 years of marble quarries’ operation in Naxos.

The lack of capital for large investments was equalized by extensive experience and hard personal work. In addition, and based on the excellent raw material available, the company has developed in a steady pace.

Panoramic quarry picture

In 2006 “KARPONTINI BROS - NAXIAN MARBLES UNL.” fully replaces its equipment. At present, it has state of the art technology in marble quarrying and enters over again in the market, aiming at conquering an even greater share of the white and semi-white Naxos Crystallina trade.

The company also aims at highlighting Naxos Crystallina as a globally unique material, appropriate, due to its properties, not only for building purposes but as a mean for marble sculpture works as well.

Panoramic quarry picture