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Naxian Marble is called "Crystallina" because of its transparency and ability to reflect the light. This ability is a result of the quartz it contains.

Ancient Greeks noted the transparency of Naxian Marble and used it for the ceiling of their temples since the 6th century BC. Thin roof tiles of Naxian marble let the sun-light through, offering a natural illumination to the temples' interiors.

According to Pausanias …it was invented by a Naxian named Vizis, it is told that his statues are in Naxos and have the inscription:
"Eurgos the Naxian commissioned me
to the offspring of Lito
the son of the renowned Vizis
who was the first to create roof tiles made of marble"…
Pausanias, Iliaka V.10.3

OTO marble light sampleToday, 26 centuries later, through OTO marble light we bring back the forgotten use of Naxian Marble as means of diffusion of light.

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