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Rowena Beaty


Was born in rural Cumbria in the north of England, studied in London and Paris, later lived in Hong Kong and Singapore. On returning to England she studied drawing and printmaking in Manchester. She began sculpting in stone in 1990 after she moved with her family to Hebden Bridge in the Pennines, a landscape of high moorland and steep valleys. She now works from her garden studio with a variety of types of stone, mainly local gritstone and Lincolnshire limestone, using traditional hand tools.

In May 2012 Rowena Beaty travelled to Naxos to work with Naxian marble, used in many forms of Cycladic and archaic sculpture. “Early Greek art has been an important inspiration to my work” says Rowena and continues “I was able to work in the village of Kinidaros, in the heart of marble quarrying activity, and was delighted to discover at first hand the qualities of beautiful Naxian marble and the cultural richness of the island”.

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