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René Küng

1934 Βorn on June 2 in Allschwil, Switzerland
1949 Introductory course at the art school in Basel
1950 - 1953 Apprenticeship as a stonemason, followed by professional activities
1964 - 1968 Teaching sculpture at the art school in Basel
1963 - Today Ηe participates in numerous solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions and art fairs and creates continuously commissioned works and sculptures in public and private space all over the world (Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, USA, Egypt, New Zealand, Ecuador, Mexico)
2008 «Hommage to Aphrodite», Moutsounas, Naxos, Greece
2009 «Aphrodite of Naxos» Azalàs, Naxos, Greece

For more information and works, go to his personal web site.