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Wolf Bröll

1950 Born, March 24th in Stuttgart
1967 - 1972 Education in Photography
1972 Moving to Berlin, experimental Photography
1943 Examination in Photography, Federal School of Photography Hamburg
1974 - 1978 Working as a photographer in Berlin at Institute of Visual Communication and Design, Prof. Kapitzki, Berlin
1979 - 1980 Student in sculpture at Highschool of Fine Arts, Berlin
Student-travels to Italy and Greece
Project in sculpture on Naxos
1981 -1983 Student in Kassel Sculpture, Prof. Arnold
since 1984 Several participations on sculpture – symposia, many projekts of Art in the public (25 towns, over 50 sculptures)
2004 «Ariadne on Naxos», Naxos, Greece
2005 First price for a sculpture for “Peer Gynt” by Henrik Ibsen in Oslo, Norway

For more information and works, go to his personal web site.

Ariadne on Naxos Little Ariadne (model) Man and science I Man and science (model) Man and science II Cypress I