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Dancing Days in Kinidaros Naxos (2011)

Dancing Days in Kinidaros Naxos (2011)

What makes Kinidaros village special, is the long tradition in dancing and singing. "Has violins that speak, lutes that talk and singers that make the birds remain silent". All the people who know Kinidaros identify it with dancing and singing. Tradition says that "the children of Kinidaros first learn to dance and then to walk".

Last year (August 2010) in cooperation with the cultural associations of Kinidaros “O Agios Georgios and “Apikrantos  we took one more step towards the culture exchange through music and dance: we organized the “Dancing Days in Kinidaros Naxos”. The festival lasted two days: the first day was an open dance workshop for adults and children, both free participation. The second day the “ki omos kineitai” dancing group presented its dancing theater act “Arriba”.

Our goal during those days is to present both traditional and modern dance, as well as choreographs from Greece and from abroad. The success of the last year's festival and the people's participation gives us courage to continue. This year we decided that the festival should include a day dedicated to the dances of a foreign country. Of course the first country that coherently and without second thoughts came to our mind was Brazil.

Our program for this year is as following:

The "Dancing Workshop of Naxos" will present the act "Meetings..." and the "ki omos kineitai" dancing group it's new act called " IL paRЯaiso  / to heaven".

The music for " IL paRЯaiso  / to heaven" is originally composed and will be live performed by Dimitris Apostolakis (Hainides) and Kloenas Antoniou (Mode Plagal).

Specifically the academy of capoeira "Banzo di Senzala Atenas" will present the music and the dance of capoeira. The academy is member of the Capoeira Federation "Senzala de Santos" (Master Sombra). It works as an extension of the academy in Barcelona and is dedicated to the diffusion of the capoeira in Athens. For further details please visit their web site.

Next on stage will be the "Quilombo Centro Cultural" which will present the music and the dance of Samba, Bosa Nova and Batucada. "Quilombo" was founded in 2004 and it functions as a place for rehearsals, music and dance lessons and seminars from Brazilian professors. Its goal is to spread the music and dance of different areas of Brazil. For further details please visit their web site.

Both days the events are performed with live music. The second day the show will end with Dj set by Stamo Mendez and the participation of the public in the dance.

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