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3rd Naxian Sculpture Symposium (2020)

3rd Naxian Sculpture Symposium (2020)

For the third consecutive year, Cycladia with the artistic direction of sculptor Dimitris Varsos organises the 3rd Naxos Marble Sculpting Symposium, which took place in August and September of 2020.

This symposium aspires to be a yearly event on Naxos, and the starting point of a series of events centred around Naxian marble and the sculpting thereof.

The public space of the Symposium, the interactions with the community, and the site of the sculpture’s final placement weave a web of many stimuli. The guests have the ability to observe the artist’s process and come into immediate contact with the artists working with their craft. Guests may also talk to the artists directly. Lastly, it is a chance for children to come in contact with the magical world of art up close.

The following artists took part in the symposium:

Dimitris Vathis / Dimitris Varsos / Petros Dritsonas / Eleni Kapiri / Olga Plastira / Christos Riganas / Tom von Kaenel / Aggelos Zavalis / Dimitra Mourtzini

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