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Distribution of educational material to the Secondary Education schools in Naxos and organization of educational visits to the quarry (2007)

During the past years, our company has sought to promote the famous Naxian marble not only as a first-quality construction material, but also as a fine material for producing sculpture and art works.

At the same time, we are making an effort to bring the marble mining process to the attention of people of Naxos, and especially Naxos youth, so that they may be able to get more acquainted with something that takes place “next door” essentially, but which they know very little about.

Finally, we are giving an emphasis to the role that marble mining has played in the life of Naxos from antiquity until nowadays.

In the context of the aims outlined above, in spring 2007, in cooperation with the “AEON” non profit cultural organization, our company finances the printing and distribution of an educational booklet entitled “Cycladic Civilization”, to all Secondary Education schools in Naxos. The booklet presents the Cycladic civilization in an appealing manner to the children and at the same time constitutes an invitation to the exhibition “From Cycladic figurines to the aerosculptures of the future” in the Bazaios Tower.

Educational booklet entitled “Cycladic Civilization”
Exhibition's catalog

Subsequently and following our invitation to the Department of Secondary Education of Naxos, in 2007 we have been organizing educational visits to our quarry in Psarogremna–Zas, Kynidaros, Naxos.

Moments from the 1st Gymnasium of Naxos visit

Moments from the 1st Gymnasium of Naxos visit

Yiannis Karpontinis showing old...

and new methods of mining

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