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Bazaios Tower and Naxos Festival sponsorships (2007)

Logotype of Bazeos Tower

The Naxos Festival at Bazeos Tower, which began in the summer of 2001, was a bold and imaginative move to transform an exceptional 17th century landmark monument into a temple of learning and culture, fulfilling its original purpose in the present-day.

The catalog of the exhibition

In 2007, inspired by the marble sculptures of the Cycladic civilisation, the contemporary works by German sculptor Ingbert Brunk and the futuristic aerosculptures by innovative artist Ioannis Michaloudis are part of the ground-breaking exhibition organised by the AEON Cultural Organisation, in conjunction with the Museum of Cycladic Art under the 2007 Naxos Festival.

The combined presentation of these works highlights the inexhaustible artistic influence of the Cycladic civilisation and its ageless aesthetic, without losing sight of the composite significance, function and symbolism of the ancient objects that differentiate them from works of art with a contemporary approach.

This exhibition, with its special aesthetic concept, is hosted in a venue appropriate to embrace the reconsideration of the venture.

Works from the artists

Since 2007 “KARPONTINI BROS – NAXIAN MARBLES UNL” supports the activities of “Bazaios Tower” and “Naxos Festival”.

For more details visit Bazaios' Tower web site.

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