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Ariadne on Naxos (2004)

In 2004 “KARPONTINI BROS - NAXIAN MARBLES UNL.” in cooperation with the German sculptor and professor Wolf Bröll and the “KONTOPIDIS & SONS UNL” marble factory propose to the municipality of Naxos to cooperate for the creation of a sculpture which will adorn Naxos’s harbor and specifically the road to Portara (Great Door).

“KARPONTINI BROS - NAXIAN MARBLES UNL.” offers the raw material and “KONTOPIDIS & SONS UNL.” the equipment for the marble processing. The proposition is greeted by the municipality of Naxos and in June 2004 Wolf Bröll arrives in Naxos.

Snapshots from the creation of «Ariadne on Naxos»
Nikos Karpontinis and Wolf Bröll are looking for the proper block The definition of the choice The stone arrives at KONTOPIDIS factory The first artist's drawings The first cuts with diamond disk
The first cuts with diamond disk The first phase is ready Chisel and hammer for the details The sculpture in the second phase Detail of the sculpture in the second phase
Wolf Bröll with polishing machine in the last phase Just before being ready Nikos Karpontinis next to the sculpture Wolf Bröll and the mayor of Naxos next to the sculpture Nikos Karpontinis next to «Ariadne in Naxos» at its final place

Since August 2004 the sculpture “Ariadne on Naxos” stands by the road to the island’s most significant archaeological site, Naxos’s Portara, in reminiscence of Ariadne’s passage from the island and the great impact of the marble in this land’s history.

Panoramic photo of «Ariadne on Naxos» with the Portara of Naxos at the background.

Video: Ariadne on Naxos in the passage of time

Watch a video with Ariadne on Naxos in the passage of time. Choose the Apple QuickTime Player version or the Windows Media Player one.

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