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Aphrodite of Naxos (2009)

In Greek mythology Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and Diome. Also, because the Greek word “aphros” means ‘foam’, the legend arose that Aphrodite was conceived in sea foam by the seed of Uranus. She was primarily worshipped as the goddess of sexual love, fertility and beauty. She was also widely worshipped as the goddess of the sea and seafarers.

René Küng first went to Naxos 15 years ago, and already then he felt inspired to create a sculpture which was to remain in its place, on the island, just like the Kouros of Melanes: still to be found lying untouched in a wilder part of the island.

He thought about this again during his visits in Naxos in 2005 and 2006. The idea has become a concrete plan: a symbol for Aphrodite, standing on a deserted beach, facing the sea. It will be a triangular piece of marble, set on one point, with curling waves engraved on the upper edge, symbolizing femininity as well as the sea.

In 2008 a smaller version of the planned sculpture was created at Moutsounas Naxos, where it stands for the time being.

Snapshots from the creation of «Aphrodite of Naxos»

The following year, the ideal site on the shore has been provided on private land at Azalas Naxos, and in September/October 2009 the artist worked on and set up the definite, larger version, 2m x 3.5m, of “Aphrodite of Naxos”.

Panoramic photo of «Aphrodite of Naxos»

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