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1st Naxian Sculpture Symposium (2018)

1st Naxian Sculpture Symposium (2018)

The 1st Sculpture Symposium on Naxian Marble took place at Eggares village in Naxos from the 20th to the 31st of August 2018. The Symposium was organized by the non-profit cultural organisation Cycladia by the artistic direction of the sculptοr Dimitris Versos (Wood Carving workshop Athens School of Fine Arts ( ASFA) 2002 -2008).

The symposium participated the artists:

Versos Dimitris -Sculptor (ASFA) / Dritsonas Petros - Sculptor (ASFA) / Lazopoulou Christiana - Sculptor (ASFA) / Papageorgiou Christina - Sculptor , Architect (ASFA) Plastira Olga - Sculptor (Carrara Italy) / Riganas Christos - Sculptor (ASFA)

guests artist: Necmi Aydin Sahtariadis

All the sculptures will be permanently exhibited at Cycladia .

It was our honnor to offer the marble for the 1st Naxian Sculpture Symposium and we hope to be repeated and to be established!

Photos by Necmi Aydin Sahtariadis

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